Music: A Stimulus

We explore music as a bridge for body movement, evocation of moods and sensations. We will create dance-rituals, which speak to us about change, renewal and nuances we will discover through our individual expressive movement.

The Body’s Story

We will enact tales and stories through their connections with different body parts, movements, sensations, feelings, and memories. We will find the thread that connects dance and theatre to create fantastic stories. We will bring out our creativity in the fusion of several tales and their staging.


Using a variety of objects, we stimulate our senses and our kinaesthetic perception. We will explore the use objects as an extension of our bodies and will identify with their properties by making them our own.

The Tribal in Us

As a group we will experience the body in movement, in action and through the imagination, to feel the fusion in the tribal group. Following the dream-quest we will explore how our self meets our ancestral self. We will also explore magicalcommunication with nature’s values. We will experience the process of the creation of rules, positive leadership and ceremonies related to the tribal world.

Everyday Actions

Starting from the performance of everyday actions, and using repetition, imitation and exploration, we discover multiple nuances and readings of corporal movement, its power of expression and its communicative value.

Music Hall

We approach the Music Hall genre by linking Corporal Expression with musical rhythm and singing. We will experiment with singing, dance and interpreting to perform our songs on stage. At the end we will put on a show together.

Musical Comedy

The goal of this workshop is to create a synopsis from a variety of all-time great musicals. Divided in groups we will choose stories, characters, and song and dance scenes. With the result we will create a new musical comedy.


Through Corporal Expression we will learn postures, gestures, dances and songs from the Cabaret genre. We will divide into different groups and will create choreographies and sketches. With the results we will stage a show.
To continue and expand on the Cabaret theme we also offer a workshop inspired by the atmosphere of the 1920’s. We also do a Chairman – Cabaret Presenter Workshop to focus on the key character of Cabaret.

Choreography Play

Working with children’s songs (by Rosa León, María Helena Walsh, Disney and others) we will invent movements, gestures and postures. We will create singer-characters. Working with rhythm-space games, songs and traditional tales, we will develop and stage small drama-games.


From an experimental and creative perspective we will explore the new and eccentric facets of the cat creature we carry inside. With corporal, rhythmic and sound expression we will explore how we relate with the group and the creativity of feline situations. We will also experiment with cat characters both with make-up and wardrobe.


Through corporal expression, movement and objects we will create a new symbolic reading of our mythic origins. We will explore our individuality in a previous age of fulfilment in which gods, men, animals and nature interchanged their attributes. In an age in which we were born, loved, fought, died and ruled in accordance with the destiny of God-Men.


Through corporal expression we will approach this contradictory and unsettling character: the Buffoon. Gestures, makeup, and costumes will help us develop the buffoon’s fierce criticism, the grotesque, their audacity, provocation, vulnerability, peer group feeling, and their penchant for transgression. The Buffoon’s laughter will denounce life’s more ridiculous aspects.

Humour Cabaret

The comic aspect of cabaret will become even more central in this workshop. We all have a sense of humour to a greater or lesser degree; this workshop invites you to discover it, to laugh and, if you dare, to make others laugh.

Cabaret Jazz

We will create a space to realize the fantasies inspired by cabaret musicals and films, which are centred on evasion and play. Through elegance and sophistication we will dream and grow.

Cabaret Tango

Passion and drama, two extremes very familiar to Cabaret, have been immortalized in tango. With ballroom dances (waltz, milonga and tango) and song lyrics we will approach the original environment, faithfully recreating the historical epoch and the circumstances that tango dancers experienced in the arrabales, the slums of Buenos Aires.

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