Corporal Expression and Play

The contents and resources of Corporal Expression are useful tools for students to play with. We will look at how the body delights in itself, in others, and in the group. Playing invites us to communicate and create. We will use games of corporal awareness, games of space, rhythm, communication and creation. This is all framed with a methodology where the most important thing is learning through play, which will take us to a world of emotions and fantasy.

Corporal Expression and Diversity

Our expressive bodies are giving and generous. We help students with strategies that value the potential of difference both in the process and in the final result. Through creativity and communication the student is invited to do team work, to express where they come from, without fear, recognizing their own difference. Corporal Expression works as a catalyst so that students integrate in a more successful and efficient way in the classroom and in society.

Corporal Expression for Students with Special Needs

We will apply the contents of corporal expression (body, communication and creativity) to our work with special needs students. We will go from general to specific proposals depending on the disability: motor, visual, hearing… The expressive resources become a tool for the teacher, which will help them to improve the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of these students.

Corporal and Visual Expression

As an emotional trigger corporal expression unleashes our individual visual creativity. Drawing, painting, sculpture, light and shadow, collage, masks and photo-video are introduced as resources of expression. Body and image, the image of the other. Visual creation is used to help us to integrate and discover our own expressive language.

Corporal Expression to develop Oral and Written

Expression Starting from Corporal Expression we will move to oral and written expression. Students will develop, create and recreate stories. We will approach the body from different aspects: qualities of movement; varied motion possibilities; the communication with oneself and others; and the development of creativity. The possibility of fantasizing will help us develop strategies to improve oral and written skills.

World Dances

We will learn numerous World Dances in order to later generate our own dance through the creative process. Rondo dances, circular dances, from different ages, countries, with objects… We will work on laterality, the management of space, and rhythm. Participants will develop their own dance language, which will be applied later in the classroom. A DVD of the final dances will be given to participants.


Corporal Expression for Workers

The goal of this workshop is to enable the worker to fulfil the demands of the labour market, finding new strategies that will help him/her to achieve his/her goals better. Corporal Expression is a necessary tool in this regard, not only to establish a new non-verbal communication but also to develop workers’ self-esteem. To offer the person techniques that will help him/her to find more self-confidence in their job, in their work environment and in their lives.

Improving Workers’ Social Skills Through Corporal Expression

This workshop offers the worker tools to overcome stage fright, and to empower an effective dialogue in interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. We will practice to make the worker feel more prepared to face everyday and stressful situations using techniques such as Corporal Expression.

Emotional Education For Personal Transformation in the Workplace

Today’s labour market demands are emotionally draining and they often cause anxiety, anguish and ultimately depression. For this reason, emotional education plays a key role in handling and overcoming stress. Participants will receive strategies that will help them to deal with problems from a play perspective using their emotional intelligence as a means of personal transformation.

Be Creative At Work

We create from the starting point of our own personal experiences, although we incorporate new interests that emerge during the workshop. From individual patterns, we will develop strategies that help us to empower ourselves in our work and accept new and future challenges that will help us improve in other aspects of our lives.


Corporal Expression We offer the elements of Corporal Expression to men and women who are in constant transformation. The body is rediscovered in a new stage of their lives. Communication, creativity, fantasy, play and emotion become the necessary tools to deal with our
bodies and the world in different ages. Our goal will be: The pleasure of meeting myself and others again through the body. All this will bring us to a healthy and integrated physical, psychological and social condition

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